Analytic Tracking & Implementation

The first and foremost thing we do with any campaign is integrate analytics into our client’s website if one isn’t already in place. It is essential for any business and SEO marketer to track and measure every detail of their campaign. We can track every page visit, how long they stayed on that page, and even see from where they were directed to your site. Proper tracking and analysis will identify both the strong and the weak points of the campaign thus allowing us to focus or adjust our efforts and maximize profits.

Analytics will also provide our clients with demographic and technical information about their visitors. With it we can determine the geographical location of the visitor right down to the city where they live. Retrieving tech specs the customer uses to navigate the site is also a breeze. We can determine for instance if most views are coming from mobile devices or tablets and optimize the website accordingly. This is FREE market research and, if analyzed properly, can generate huge long term revenue and growth.


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