Competitive Analysis

Analysis of your competition’s web presence from their website to web properties provides valuable insight on their strengths and weaknesses. Our expertise at Maine Coast Media will break down and analyze your competition for you. Knowing where they focus their time and resources allow us to determine where the best places are to focus yours.

To give you a better idea on how competitive analysis can save your business time and money lets look at some examples. Lets say that you signed up for our keyword research service and now have a list of quality keywords. After an in depth analysis of your competition however, it is discovered that they are using some of the same keywords. So how do we use our new data to get a leg up in competing for the same keywords? We simply determine how much of their time and resources are being allocated to each keyword, and balance our resources accordingly. This will allow you to nudge ahead of them for critical keywords in search engine page rank eventually leading to growth in market share.

Want another quick example? Let’s say that after an in depth analysis of your competition it is determined that they have done little to increase their SEO. You then might look to save your money and time by developing your campaign gradually over time knowing that local competition is scarce. On the flip side, if your competition is aggressively pursuing SEO and their online presence, then you might then be prompted to allocate more resources to your own campaign as not to fall behind. Our competitive analysis service will provide you will all you need to best your competition, or let us develop an integrated marketing strategy for you based off of this data. The two together prove to be much more effective.


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