Link Building

Link building is key for any effective SEO campaign. Many people think that quantity is everything. If you spend enough time and money collecting as many backlinks as you can, there is no way you will be denyed the top spot on Google. Sorry to tell you this, but it’s not that simple. You must find that balance of what is known as high PR (page rank) websites, mass backlink posting, and relevant keywords to tie them all together. When you successfully find that balance, only then will you start to see noticeable improvements in your own page rank.

Maine Coast Media’s link building expertise takes on this process for you. Not only do we build these links but we offer an online asset management service to ensure quality tier one sites linking to your home page. Also worth noting, Maine Coast Media offers keyword research services to determine the keywords most efficient in optimizing your website. The three services are most effective when used together, however you will find that as a stand alone service, link building still proves to be a powerful SEO tool for any website.


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