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Professional Streaming

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Unlimited Sharing

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Easy invites through email & social media

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Watch on your mobile device

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Stream live through facebook, or a custom built site

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Make your event an extra special one by taking advantage of all the features we offer. Our objective is simple, it is to provide professional, quality content at little to no hassle to our client. Allow us to worry about the technical issues, you have enough to deal with.


Make your stream as social or as intimate as you would like, all through E-vites. Either give us a list of predetermined guests, or go big and post through multiple social media outlets. Both are just one click away.


We work with you and your venue to test internet speeds and scout the best viewing angle to set up before hand. We also run a test stream to make sure we obtain best results for the location. On the day of your wedding we come early to set up. Once the stream is over, your wedding is posted to a private page for any of your guests to download.


We offer ways to personalize your sharing experience from custom made web pages, to live facebook streams, or even pre-recorded greetings for your online guests. Of course we are always open to hear your ideas on how you would like your event covered.

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