On Site Analysis

A complete break down of your site at source (HTML) level. How your site is structured is key in developing your SEO footprint. It takes the right content, keywords, HTML tags, media, links, basically every aspect of what makes a website needs to be broken down and analyzed to best service search engine crawlers and move your website up in page rank.

At Maine Coast Media we have years of web design experience and a deep understanding of what search engines look for at both the surface of a website, and the source level. With our on site analysis service we don’t just tell you what to fix, but also show you how to fix it. You are then free to apply this knowledge on your external web properties to ensure that all critical aspects of your web presence are SEO friendly. Of course you can also choose to let us manage and apply our knowledge to all of your critical web properties by taking advantage of our online asset management service.


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